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Last july I was invited by visitdenmark to explore the region of Horsens.
It totally surprised me. What a great area to explore.  

The place name “Horsens” comes from the words “hors” (horses) and “næs” (headland). This, “Horsens” means “the headland with the horsens”.

Horsens has a lot to offer. And in this blog I will try to give you an overview of the wide range of possibillities you have.
In Horsens you will meet a mixture of big city life and provincial peace and quiet.

Horsens is located on the shores of the fjord and within a short cycling distance from a beautiful marina.
In the summer season, you can even cross the fjord on the small bicycle ferry.  In Horsens, a rich culturele life is combined with beautiful natural experiences. 
Just take a look at  several excursion spots I’ve visited.


Sail with the charming little bicycle-ferry across Horsens Fjord it’s such a great experience!  The bicycle ferry carries both foot passengers and bicycles between Snaptun – Alrø and the sailtrip even includes an island-hop to the island Hjarnø.  Beautiful scenery with small islands and the fantastic coastal line awaits.

Alrø. Come and experience real old-fashioned Danish hygge with timber framed houses, abundant birdlife and beautiful nature on this land based island. Alrø has several delicious eateries and there are good conditions for anglers as well as wind and kite surfers. The island has been inhabited since the Stone Age, and if you are lucky you can still find Stone Age tools on the south side.

Hjarnø is a popular island-hop for both day trips and holiday stays. From the small ferry port and marina you can explore the road across the 3.2 km2 large island. Experience the rich plant, animal and birdlife, fine beaches, good walks, one of Denmark´s smallest churches, an art gallery, a cozy eatery, a campsite, a vineyard and Viking burial sites. During the summer you can take a tractor tour around the island.

Snaptun is located on the southern coast of Horsens Fjord. Here you’ll experience the charming harbor environment with marina, fishing and ferries to the islands of Hjarnø and Endelave. Enjoy the views of the nearby coastlines from the harbor, the Harbor Bistro, the playground or the beach and soak up the lively sailing in the narrow
mouth of the fjord.


The river Gudenåen

The river starts at the sources in Tørring and runs all the way to Randers. In the area along the river, you can also sail or canoe, or angle. Even climb “Mountains” with beautiful views.


We also climbed up the hill of Sukkertoppen. Sukkertoppen is one of Denmark’s smallest “Mountains tops” and is located 108 meters above sea level.
You can see one of the country’s best views over the Danish Lakelands, and the beautiful stretch of the Gudenåen.


In the scenic area around the mill of Klostermølle and the hill of Sukkertoppen, you find Denmark’s only river, Gudenåen, as well as Jutland’s largest lake, Mossø.
We went to the Bird watching tower ( in the northern end of the barn at Klostermølle), from where you have an amazing view.

canoe at Klostermolle

Veteranbanen Bryrup-Vrads

We also took a train ride which rightly is called “Denmark’s most beautiful 
A ride on the railroad is an experience for both young and old. The veteran train stops at the restaurant Vrads station where you can buy refreshments.

Uncovered bridge

The Uncovered Bridge is located in a scenic area to the north-west of Horsens.  The bridge was originally built in 1899 as part of a railway line connecting Horsens and Bryrup. At the inauguration, it was the highest bridge in the Nordic Region.  That is why, today, you almost feel transported to the Wild West when walking, running or cycling across the gorge while enjoying the magnificent view of the rushing river Gudenåen.  In the area, you find tables and benches, a paddock for horses and good chances of spotting dippers and kingfishers.

veteranbanen rail
train stop

Boller Castle

By Boller castle you find the beautiful castle garden. You enter the enclosed garden through an old  iron gate, and in the garden you find fuchsia, roses and primroses. Also, there is a beautifully landscaped Japanese garden with purling water and rare plants. The garden is especially known for its large, old trees like the Boller-oak, which with its 1000 years is one of Denmark’s oldest oaks. From the garden you can see Boller castle and its surrounding moat with large carps.



Hop on your bike and explore

We experienced nature up close from our bikes.
You will have a ride through nature and little cute  villages.
There are several lovely routes (18)  ranging from 7,5 km to 190 km in length you can take.

hop on

Surfing and kayaking

Horsens Fjord is a beautiful area for water sports like kayaking and surfing. On the island of Alrø, the conditions are especially good for kite and windsurfing.


The prison museum  ( Faengslet)

Visit Europe’s largest prison museum and let the special atmosphere get under your skin. You meet prisoners and guards as they pass as shadows on the hallway Wallis, and you can see and hear them on screens telling stories about family relations and drug problems. 
I couldn’t take a proper shot from the outside because it was on construction. Therefore only one shot from the inside. 

Art on the streets of Horsens

Horsens is a living city of art and an obvious place for art Lovers to go, because here you can get up close to artwork from near and far.

You can go to the Horsens Art Museum which offers an impressive, and varied selection of modern Danish art. 

Would you rather prefer a walk through the streets of Horsens, (like I did)  then you can encounter sculptures, and works of art made by the world’s leading street artists.

horsens city


Bygholm Lake & Forest
The artificial Bygholm lake was laid out in 1918 and is beautifully situated with beech wood close to the lakeside. Around the lake there is a 13 km long path which is frequently used for walk or run by the people in Horsens. Often you can see anglers along the lakeside or in small boats on the lake.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog about this gorgeous region.
And that you will hop on your bike and explore…

3 boats
at Bygholm lake
under the tree