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We went in august to the isle Madeira. It was such an exotic trip.  So many beautiful destinations we visited. I will show you some of the highlights. And I hope they will inspire you! Madeira well known worldwide as the Island of eternal Spring, Madeira, “Ilha Jardim” (“Garden Island”) or Pearl of the Atlantic. I will show you some of the most amazing highlights we visited. We rent a car to explore the Island. It’s a must if you want to see and explore the whole Island.
It’s perfect for adventurous road trips. The diversity of the landscape could take your breath away.

harbour camara de lobos


streetart at the old town
take a seat

The Old Town was the first area to be inhabited in Madeira, because of that, all the houses are very old and a little bit degraded. To enhance this iconic area, all the doors of all the houses were painted by various artists that make this area into a permanent art gallery.
A great place to walk around, and eat and drink something.


If you want to see a typical tradition of Madeira, drive to Monte.
Take the iconic Monte sledge, a wicker toboggan,down. It has been a popular form of transportation in Monte since 1850. Each toboggan has two sledge drivers called “Carreiros,” dressed in a straw hat, white pants, and special shoes that help them keep traction. Their leg muscles, reminiscent of those on soccer players, allow them to run, kick,and steer the large wicker sleighs down the curvy road. 

carreiros at monte


Located in Santana is a space of prevention in memory of the local patrimony, where are some typical houses of Santana.

Characterised by its small thatched triangular houses, Santana is a beautiful village on the north coast. These small houses, built of natural stone and thatched with straw, have served the locals for centuries as stables and dwellings.



These natural swimming pools were formed by volcanic lava, where the sea enters and leaves naturally. It’s a place with an area of 3800 m2. There is a swimming pool for children and a playground. It’s one of the most attractive places of Madeira Island.

Porto Moniz
natural swimming pool
porto moniz


Is the highest cliff in Europe with 580 of heigh.Spectacular !
You can drive all the way to the top of the cliff to the Skywalk view point.This viewpoint is amazing you can have panoramic views over Funchal and Camara de Lobos. There is also a suspended glass platform where we can see everything below. And it’s all for free.

Cabo Girao
blue ocean


This fishing village is very beautiful. Camara dos Lobos is full of colourful fishing boats and has a little harbour to walk round and have a drink in.
You can also see above your head the street art made by local fisherman.

camera de lobos
streetart made by local fisherman


Is located in the central part of the Island. It’s the biggest levada in the Island with a duration of two to three hours.  A levada is an irrigation system of the island of Madeira, which is basically a man-made river built on the side of the mountain. It was much more amazing that I ever expected.The Rabaçal is covered by a dense vegetative mantle, creating an enchanted forest environment. The stunning views blew my mind away.We walked about 2,5 hours, and it was a good workout, but perfectly doable. 
Put on your walking shoes, you will need them. 

levada rabacal

CRISTO REI ( Garajau )

The Cristo Rei Viewpoint, in Garajau, gives visitors an excellent partial view over Funchal bay, the Garajau Reserve, Caniço de Baixo and the Atlantic Ocean. The majestic statue stands on top of a hill which drops into a ravine, towards the sea.  The whole area with the breathtaking views out to sea then you look down to the seashore and the amazing winding road down – the Statue itself is so amazingly large when you are close to it I would imagine it was designed to be able to be seen from afar. We just loved the whole walk and view.

cristo rei
view cristo rei


Climb the mountain top Pico do Arieiro or just take the (tourist) bus up, and soak in the magnificent views of Pico do Arieiro mountain top. You can spend an entire day hiking and get from Pico Arieiro to the highest peak of Madeira to Pico Ruivo. Or you can just go for a day visit to walk among the clouds and enjoy drinks at the mountain top restaurant.  There are so many terrific hikes on the Island.  Why is trekking on Madeira something very special?
Because of the climate, the landscape and the levadas!
That feeling to climb above the clouds it’s amazing!! 

to the top
pico do arieiro
above the clouds

My conclusion Madeira is a really interesting island. Looks different at every corner. Has exciting roads and lots of tunnels. Food is yummy, good and cheap. And there are lovely, nice, small villages, beautiful beaches and hiking trails. One week here is definitely not enough!

Madeira I hope to see you again!

church at monte
beautiful view

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