“Bringing nature’s beauty into your home”

I am an outdoors photographer who has created a very particular sense of atmosphere. My photographs are often characterised by mysterious fairytale-like moods that appeal to the imagination of many.

The ideal choice for the outdoor market

My photos have become very popular with a large group of nature and outdoor enthusiasts. My following is not just strong in the Netherlands, since I’m very successful on Instagram’s international nature hubs. That makes my work ideally suited to any organisation in leisure, travel and nature preservation that is looking to reach a targeted and engaged group of outdoor travelers anywhere in the world.


Meaningful dialogue with my followers

My tens of thousands of followers are a loyal audience that respond to every photo by the hundreds. I will give a personal reply to each and every commenter. Added to the thousands of likes per photo, this results in an average engagement rate of well over 15%. This far outnumbers the figures of influencers with larger followings whose engagement rate rarely exceeds 5%.

Each of my photos is usually awarded with on of more features. In fact, I’ve been treated to well over a thousand features in less than four years, so on average one every day. At times, the number of features per photo exceeds 20, often awarded by leading international nature hubs. The followers of these hubs reward my photos with thousands of likes at a time, so each photo is attracting tens to hundreds of thousands of additional viewers to my account.


Awarded by @instagram

On 10 December 2017, the floodgates opened after I was featured on @instagram itself. My picture topped 2 million likes and amassed more than 12,000 comments – record numbers, even on @instagram’s own terms. I see it as the crowning glory of a success that was completely achieved by organic growth.

Want to work with me?

I have done work for several tourist agencies like the Dutch island of Vlieland,  Denmark’s national agency,  Aruba,  Visit Britain and My Switserland.  I can also work for you. 

foto bij tekst influ