“Stylishly adventurous”

People say I’m the photographer you would expect from my pictures. If you decide on working with me, you will meet a stylishly adventurous lady who at the crack of dawn will explore the countryside with a can’t-be-stopped attitude.

I was born and raised in the Dutch province of Frisia. With my husband and two children I now live in the city of Enkhuizen in the Netherlands, and work as a preschool teacher in  Medemblik. I have always had a creative side in me, having visited art classes at a younger age.  A few years ago I developed a passion for photography, using Instagram as a vehicle to share my work with the world. I soon discovered that I was able to reach a large audience with my images,  and have grown a following of over 25.000 people.


My style

In a relatively short period of time on Instagram, where you will find me as @karen_claudia_, I have gained a reputation as an outdoors photographer who has created a very particular sense of atmosphere. My photographs are often characterised by mysterious fairytale-like moods that appeal to the imagination of many.

Morning is my time of day

My territory is the great outdoors, my favourite time is early morning. It provides the light that contributes to the mysterious character that typifies my photography.

Gut feeling

I shoot on my gut feeling, feeding on my natural instinct for composition and light. I then finish my photos through a patient process of editing, until the result appears that I had in my mind all along.

Each photo must be a hit

This is why I often only post on Instagram once a week. In my view, scarcity is a valuable asset: I will only publish my best work. Every photo must be a hit and appeal to every emotion.

Want to work with me?

I have done work for several tourist agencies ranging from the Dutch island of Vlieland to Denmark’s national agency, and I’m planning trips to Germany and Aruba soon. I can also work for you.